Accidental Death Insurance

When you consider the fact Life Insurance is essentially protective insurance, you begin to understand the need for Accidental Death Insurance. The quiet exception to most life insurance policies is an accidental death. Why? Insurance actuaries have concluded accidental deaths are far more frequent -- and therefore more costly -- that those stemming from natural or long-term causes.

Though your life insurance will pay a death or cash value benefit to your beneficiaries, it will only do so if you don't meet your end as a result of an accident. If you want to protect your family's financial future, you will have to enroll in an Accidental Death policy when searching for online life insurance help.

Accidental Death Insurance Rates

The good news is Accidental Death Insurance rates are quite affordable. Given the actuarial evidence, Accidental Death Insurance rates are among the lowest in the life insurance industry. Many carriers will simply allow you to fold this coverage in with larger, more substantial policies, like Term or Whole Life Insurance.

When you fold in this coverage with say a Term Life Insurance policy, it's referred to as a rider. When you opt for an Accidental Death rider, your life insurance policy will generally carry an indemnity clause. This indemnity clause will pay double or triple the death benefit should you die in certain kinds of accidents. Be sure you understand exactly when and how much your life insurance will pay.

You may be wondering what exactly qualifies as an accident. When shopping around for online life insurance rates remember accidental death insurance covers any instance wherein you are seriously injured or killed as a result of an unforeseen circumstance. Frequently, these accidents involve motor vehicle mishaps, falling objects, or what are termed unforeseen "Acts of God."

Accidental Death is also referred to as Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. When you opt for Accidental Death and Dismemberment, you're entitled to a cash benefit should you be dismembered or incapacitated as a result of an accident. But, keep in mind it will not be as large a benefit as the death benefit.

At Life Insurance Web, we understand your life insurance needs are unique to you and your family. This is why we are committed to helping you find exactly what you need for exactly the right price. Remember, life insurance doesn't cover accidental deaths -- so be prepared. Get your free Accidental Death Insurance quote today.